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How Much Moving Cost in Dubai?

how much moving cost in Dubai

Moving your residential or commercial place in Dubai involves various things to spend money on. This is a stressful task that requires a lot of resources, planning, and time. However, there is no way to calculate the exact moving cost as it depends on your location, moving type, the volume of belongings, distance traveled during the move, and many other aspects. If you are planning a home or office relocation in Dubai, it is essential to get an estimated idea of moving costs in Dubai. 

How to Calculate Moving Costs in Dubai?

There are many aspects to consider while calculating moving prices in Dubai. Depending on your moving type and scale, you can hire the best movers in Dubai to save a lot of time, money, and effort. To avoid spending extra money, you must have an estimate of how much an office or home moving costs in Dubai. Keep reading to understand which factors affect the moving price in Dubai.

Moving Type 

The shifting price of moving a residential and commercial place is different. Office moving cost in Dubai is higher as compared to home moving cost in Dubai as office relocation requires more resources, staff, equipment, and fleets. The moving price is further influenced by the property type and the number of bedrooms. Whether you want to move villa, apartment, villa, home, or office, the shifting cost will go higher or lower according to the property type. 

Moving Scale 

How large or small your moving scale plays a vital role in determining the relocation cost in Dubai. More bedrooms and large spaces mean more belongings and items to move. Hence, you require more vehicles and manpower to handle large moves. The moving companies in Dubai provide a quote to customers by considering your moving scale. 


The distance between your old destination and new destination while moving significantly influences the moving cost. The long distance move costs higher as it requires more resources. For such types of moves, you must keep your budget a little higher to get it done efficiently. 

Volume of Belongings 

The movers in Dubai provide quotes according to the number of your belongings and households. They may also charge some extra fee for special or large items which require special handling and high-end packing. As much as the quantity of your belongings increases, the moving cost in Dubai will also increase side by side. 

Moving Time

If you require immediate moving services in Dubai, the cost will be higher. To reduce the price, you must be flexible with the moving dates. Some people also look for same day moving services in Dubai. However, moving companies charge high fees for these types of relocations. 

Moving Company 

Your shifting cost in Dubai also gets influenced by the moving company you hire and which services you are taking from it. The cost of Packers and Movers in Dubai varies according to the vehicles, moving staff, equipment, and resources they provide for your move by understanding your unique requirements.

Possible Extra Charges of Moving to Dubai

The moving company you hire in Dubai can ask you to pay the additional charges in many cases that you must consider while deciding your moving budget in Dubai. The extra charges are liable in the following forms or cases!

  • Extra fee for bulky items 
  • Cancellation fee
  • Long carry fee
  • Storage fee
  • Fast or same day delivery charges

Hire the Right Moving Company in Dubai and Save Money

As mentioned earlier, moving is a stressful task. However, you must hire professional movers in Dubai whether you are moving to Dubai or moving within Dubai who will efficiently handle your move while saving a lot of time and money. Your choice of choosing moving services or a moving company influences your moving cost in Dubai. 

You can receive various removal quotes from multiple companies by defining your specific needs. We offer the best and most affordable moving services in Dubai while taking great care of your belongings. Just tell us about your moving type, location, distance, belongings, and moving type so that we determine your moving quote and issue a free quote. 

Transparent Pricing and Moving Cost in Dubai

Some moving firms do not reveal their charges, but if you want to know how much you will pay on moving day, look for a company with a transparent pricing policy and pricing page. We make it easy for you to estimate how much you would pay depending on the type of vehicle necessary, the number of movers needed, the date you want to move, and other factors. 

Apartment moving cost in Dubai starts from AED 700 and goes up to AED 5000 based on your apartment type and size. A villa moving cost in Dubai ranges from AED 1500 to AED 15,000. Moreover, office moving cost in Dubai starts from AED 2000 and goes onwards according to your office size.  

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